joan's tips and tricks  

Joan's tips and tricks 

1. how to keep your flowers fresher

  first make sure to change water every 3 days

clean our your vase or what is provided 

cut a little bit of the stems before entering your vase with fresh water 

if you do this your flowers will last longer 

tip 2 

to keep your roses for longer cut the tip of the stem dip in boiling water for 5 seconds the put your rose in to your clean vase with cold water 


Remember that the more flowers in the arrangement, the need for water will increase,” . Since some types of cut flowers drink more water than others, make sure to check the water level daily, adding more as necessary

tip 4

To get the best cut, use sharp scissors and cut the bottom-most inch off the stems at an angle rather than straight across. Doing so, as , will give more surface area to the stem's tip, which will help the flower